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Ex-members: Shambhala, Boulder-born Buddhist organization, suppressed allegations of abuse

July 9, 2019

Further Developments in the Case of Former Member Michael Smith

July 9, 2019

Another Former Boulder Shambhala Member Accused of Sexual Assault on a Child

June 30, 2019

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March 25, 2019

Matthew Remski, who writes a lot about high demand groups and identifying and unpacking their dynamics, recently participated in an 'Ask Me Anything' question period on Reddit.  

He then summarized and put together this post on his website where he outlin...

March 20, 2019

The Shambhala Interim Board has published the reports from an Olive Branch, including the Listening Post report, the final report containing recommendations for Shambhala, and a recommended update to Shambhala's Code of Ethics.  They also provide some of the considerat...

March 13, 2019

The Interim Board has issued their March update to the community, where they discuss a number of actions they have taken and ongoing work they are performing, including updates to the Care and Conduct policy and appeals process, and considerations related to the organi...

March 13, 2019

The Process Team Steering Committee sent out an introduction last week, talking about their goals & scope of work, some of the working groups they've created and some of the immediate plans they have moving forward, including sending out a link to a website and creatin...

March 12, 2019

Here is an article from The Coast regarding the lack of definitive response and how it has left many survivors of abuse within Shambhala adrift.


March 9, 2019

Received these 3 articles through Thich Nhat Hanh's webservice.  Definitely fitting for the day and worth reading / sharing.

This article: https://thichnhathanhfoundation.org/blog/2019/3/6/female-buddhas-revolutions-for-nuns-in-the-plum-village-tradition presents a numb...

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