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Best Home Remedies For Sickness And Diarrhoea

Note: The intake of yogurt twice a day will help improve diarrhea efficiently. Adding a banana to your yogurt is also a good idea. 3.BRAT Diet BRAT Diet For Diarrhea Some people have heard about the BRAT diet but have never tried it.. The BRAT diet was a commonly-recommended food plan for easing digestive distress. The diet is made up of four bland, low-fiber foods: 3 Bananas Rice Applesauce Toast Bananas are especially useful.

They help restore any potassium your body lost through diarrhea. • Staying at home and getting sufficient rest. Staying at home for at least 48 hours after the last episode of diarrhoea can help prevent spreading it to others • Drink lots of fluids. As symptoms improve, you can start eating. Soft,.

Best Home Remedies For Sickness And Diarrhoea - Discount Place

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