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USB 3.0 Camera Module factory Dual camera module: dual usb camera module The application of face recognition is becoming more and more extensive. It is believed that the dual usb camera module will work better than the single lens USB camera module, and it will be more accurate. So we designed a new product--dual usb camera module with IMX307 sensor, this module is very powerful. The sensor uses the IMX307 in the Sony super starlight series, and the low-light effect is very good, so the imaging recognition effect of the module at night is unquestionable. Among them, sensor size is 1/2.8", pixel size is 2.9碌m X 2.9碌m, 2MP. The module is rectangular, the size is 220mm*23mm, and the lens height is 35-45mm. The lens can be replaced, and the height of different lenses is different. The minimum illumination of the module is 0.0001LUX, and the frame rate can reach 60fps, which is the second strength of this dual usb camera module. The module interface is USB3.0. The USB3.0 interface is very special, but all our USB3.0 camera modules are driver-free, so connection and imaging are very easy. As the name suggests, dual has two lenses, and two pictures will appear when imaging. Our lens is fixed focus. When you think the focus is not clear, you can manually adjust the focus. Dual lenses are the third strength of this module. Sincere First has a strict packaging process, the modules should be packed with anti-collision paper first, then put into a sealed bag, then covered with buffer foam glue, and then put into a carton, and then the carton is tightly wrapped to ensure that it is intact and delivered to the customer. ODM/OEM CUSTOMIZED DESIGN IS WELCOME! Best Quality Assurance 1 year Replacement! 10 years warranty! We only provide theoriginal new items, 100% make sure the best quality! All products have been checked and packaged in good condition before dispatch!USB 3.0 Camera Module factory


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