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April Update - Shambhala Process Team

The Process Team has released their May update.

It seems like they are continuing to work on integrating as a group. They are drafting mission and vision statements for the Process Team and are working on developing a charter. They are meeting regularly.

The most notable point was that there will be a survey sent to the Shambhala community, most likely sometime in May. It seems that they are working on wrapping their heads around what needs to come into place for culture change, and what steps to take, but they say they will get there. It seems like they have yet to address some of the lower-hanging fruit, in terms of change, which must be frustrating for many people reading this. It may be a case of learning to walk before starting to run - hopefully future updates will include reference to actions with larger impacts. At the same time it is good that they have taken the time to get their heads on straight, so that they can approach their task with intention, not just reactivity. Time will tell.

The Process Team can be reached here:

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