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Open Letter to Acharyas and Interim Board - Aline Thivolle

There is an open letter circulating for signature, written by Aline Thivolle, with the intention of sending through to the acharyas and interim board. The letter can be viewed here:

The letter points out that no acharya has provided any individual, public testimony as to the claims made in any of the Olive Branch or Buddhist Project Sunshine reports, or the kusung letter, in spite of many of the stories referencing the presence of an acharya.

The letter points out that as a result of this, many of us are left with uncomfortable uncertainty, and continued doubt, which is not conducive to trust, healing, and rebuilding our community well.

And so, the letter requests that before acharyas continue to teach, they make their own statements and declarations of honour about their behaviours or what they have seen. It makes this powerful request while referencing the Olive Branch reports recommendation of zero tolerance and establishing a system that allows the community to know in detail the behaviour of the teachers in our community.

It points out the difficult task practicing students wishing to continue have in this lineage, the success of which is largely dependent on the analysis of the community that they are able to perform. It also points out how important having a firm understanding to inform our analysis is.

The letter concludes by calling these testimonies a large act of generosity to the community, and encourages the acharyas to provide them.

It is written from a practitioner's view, and so contains some specific language within it, mainly within the annex section.

Again, the letter can be read in full and you can add your name to it here:

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