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Tibetan Lama Dagri Rinpoche faces “Me Too” allegations

2013 photo of Dagri Rinpoche

On May 3rd, a woman filed a police complaint against Tibetan Buddhist teacher Dagri Rinpoche, saying he had molested her on board a flight that day.

This led to a second woman posting a YouTube video outlining an earlier experience of molestation with the teacher that occurred while she was living as a Buddhist nun in Dharamshala, and urging others who had suffered to come forward with their own experiences. There are many noteworthy similarities between the experience she recounts and Shambhala victims - "some people tried to convince her that it didn't happen, or that whatever he did was out of compassion."

The video is very powerful and may be difficult for survivors to watch. There are so many strong parallels compared to the current situation within Shambhala. It must have been incredibly difficult for Jakaira Perez Valdivia to report. Her statement of solidarity towards the end of the video with the woman who filed the complaint is very powerful. The entire video is.

The investigations are ongoing, and Dagri Rinpoche is out on bail.

The full article can be read here:

The video can be viewed here:

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