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Shameless in Shambhala - A New Book of Poems by Osel Mukpo

The latest insult from Shambhala towards survivors. The idea of promoting a poem by Osel Mukpo entitled 'Say Yes' in the context of everything that has happened is beyond the pale.

The only thing that would make this even slightly acceptable is donating all proceeds to a survivors' fund.

The tone-deaf nature of this communication is unfortunately becoming par for the course in messaging from an institution that seems to want to pay lip service to change while proceeding status quo. No doubt the process team and interim board have their hands full, and every arm and wing of the organization is attempting to recover from dropoff in funding...but you'd think with Mukpo going on 'extended retreat' to sort himself out that now is not the best time for Kalapa Media to start promoting his'd think.

Too bad there is no ability to review on the Kalapa Media website; have to think the message would be loud and clear. There is a contact form - you can find that here:

I have used it to send a message asking them to stop promoting this book. It would be great to have more people express themselves in similar fashion, like a bell of mindfulness for these bedraggled publishers!

Here's the weblink to the book. I feel like I should add a trigger warning for the description:

There is a Reddit thread discussing this:

And there has also been some discussion of this on Facebook, you can find that here:

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