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FunctionAcrylic Muslim ablution wudumate,Use for ablution before prayer

InstallationFreestanding foot wash basin

SurfacePolishing Shining

ConfiguartionWudumate body/faucet/Chair


About wudumate

鈼?Appliances for Muslim ablution (wudu) at home, workplace and mosque

鈼?An easily installed wudu washing bowl for commercial buildings where inclusion and diversity matter, including multi-faith and prayer rooms in offices, schools, hospitals, prisons, public buildings and leisure venues

鈼?Safe, comfortable and dignified wudu appliance

鈼?Designed together with numerous wudumate taps to ensure that the spouts are in the most comfortable position for wudu and at the right angle to minimize splashing

鈼?Accommodates children and adults

鈼?Quick and easy installation,online installation guide

鈼?Advanced technology for seamless design.

鈼?3-5mm acrylic

鈼?China's top ten sanitary ware, professional bathtub production line


For the buyer:

Manufactured in high quality, easy to clean sanitary grade acrylic

The WuduMate Classic鈥檚 fixed, almost indestructible seat is ideal for a public wudu facility

For the contractor:

Easy to install

鈥榃ater-in鈥?and 鈥榳aste-out鈥?through either the floor or rear of the unit; negating the need for sub-floor access

For the employer:

Supports Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), equality and diversity policies

For the user:

Safe, comfortable and dignified wudu appliance

Designed together with numerous WuduMate taps to ensure that the spouts are in the most comfortable position for wudu and at the right angle to minimise splashing

Accommodates children and adults

True Experience





About the packing

1. Inside Packing: pp foam around the wudu side line with full pp foam outside the wudu

2. Carton or honeycomb board carton packing,with protect line outside the carton boxWuduwash factory



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