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21 Questions on Shambhala - Matthew Remski

Matthew Remski, who writes a lot about high demand groups and identifying and unpacking their dynamics, recently participated in an 'Ask Me Anything' question period on Reddit.

He then summarized and put together this post on his website where he outlines 21 questions provided by readers as well as his answers to them. That article can be found here:

While he is not an academic, he has written extensively on these topics and is very well-informed and plugged in to the current literature regarding high demand groups, their function and tools they use, as well as a lot of the current thinking on how one begins to extricate themselves from such a group, or process and come to terms with their experience therein. The article is replete with links to other thinkers and resources. He tends to have a fair amount of sensitivity to what can obviously be quite difficult and triggering discussions.

The original posting on Reddit can be found here:

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