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Momentum & Next Steps - Community of Marpa House

Marpa House is a residence for practitioners in Boulder, owned by Shambhala, that is currently in the process of being sold to help shore up operational deficits and provide the capital necessary for Shambhala International to continue operating.

There has been an offer received by an external developer that will see the end of Marpa House in its current form. In response to the potential sale of Marpa House, there has been a community-led effort to raise funds to purchase it on behalf of the community. A non-profit, Community of Marpa House, has been established, and are currently raising funds to be able to make a counter to the developer's offer.

There has been a significant outpouring of support for this initiative, and many members of the neighboring community have also made pledges. Currently 219k out of a target of 500k has been received in donations, and 1.43M out of a target of 2M has been received in friendly loans.

They continue to make appeals to the community, and encourage people to write the Interim Board in support of Marpa House.

From the update:

What can you do to help?

  1. Pledge donations. The amount raised so far has been amazing, and there’s still more to go. The contract is in a preliminary period until July 26, so this week remains a crucial time. Being able to make a strong second offer to the IB depends on sangha-wide mobilization and generosity -- and the outpouring this past week has shown us that this is completely possible! Please click here to make a conditional pledge donation>>

  2. If you are considering supporting Marpa House as a major ally or to learn more about providing a “Friendly loan” (with a 10 year term, 3% interest only, minimum loan size $50,000), or to see our financial documents, contact us directly at>>

  3. Spread the word! Forward, post and share with friends. Please consider requesting your Center Director to send this letter to their members.

Each morning Monday - Friday there's sitting at Marpa House from 7:30am - 8am; and Saturday and Sunday from 9 - 10am. If you are in the area, come join us! Additionally, this Sunday, July 7, we will host our monthly lhasang in the backyard at 10am. All are welcome.

The full update from the Community of Marpa House can be read here:

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