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April Update - Shambhala Interim Board

The Interim Board has issued their April update, where they outline the things they have been working on.

Here is a summary of the key decisions that have been made, but the update is worth reading in its entirety; there are a lot of moving pieces at play right now, including staffing changes and some additional efforts and considerations going in to creating a culture of listening and community involvement and revising the care and conduct policy.


  • The IB will put out a community-wide survey and is now working on topics and approach with help from the Process Team.

  • Create a communication link with the Process Team. A subset of the Interim Board is meeting with members of the Process Team steering committee on a bi-weekly basis to share updates and coordinate efforts, particularly around the recommendations of An Olive Branch.

  • Create an advisory group on Practice and Education matters. We have begun a monthly meeting between members of the Interim Board (IB), and representatives from the greater mandala, including Charlie Goetzl, International Director of Practice and Education; a representative Acharya (recently John Rockwell); Janet Solyntjes, Chair of the Shastri Council; and David Brown, Executive Secretary to Shambhala.

  • Move Shambhala Online, Kalapa Publications and the Shambhala IT group from Kalapa Media in the Sakyong Potrang to Shambhala Global Services.

A correction was subsequently issued; some of the ownership had been misrepresented. It can be found here:

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