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Letter to Shambhala Leadership - Zachariah Finley

This letter of resignation, addressed to Shambhala leadership, is penned by Zachariah Finley, who was the Director of Practice and Education for the Vancouver Shambhala Centre, as well as a Scorpion Seal practitioner.

In it, Zachariah voices many concerns that a lot of us have been thinking and discussing. It is very well-written and is both thorough and concise. He makes several excellent points worth reflecting on throughout, and ones that merit responses from leadership.

One part in particular that stuck out for me for both its eloquence and poignancy:

"In one of his several letters, the Sakyong pointed out that he is a 'human being on the path,' and I certainly do not begrudge him the opportunities and latitude that pertain to his status as a fellow human, any more than I would expect myself to be without fault. I do understand that he survived a great deal of trauma as a child, just as, according to others' reports, he inflicted a great deal of it as an adult. I do not need for my teachers and leaders to be superhuman. But I do need for them to be decent. The Sakyong has not been, and neither have some of you."

The letter in full can be read here:

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